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“I create with what’s at hand."
  In the late 70’s and early 80’s due to a lack of art education funding in our schools I began to provide art enrichment for my family. Being of modest means, I used household junk (ready made discards), used lumber and found objects to construct sculptures. We gathered these materials and waited for the objects to speak to us telling us what they wanted to be, ultimately this lead to a fun and pleasurable career for me”

   3D-Edddy, local artist for over 52 years, is primarily a self taught landscape oil painter and sculptor, who has attended master classes with Helvi Wamsley in San Francisco. Other studies - Etching and Theatre Arts at the Santa Rosa Junior College and Etching Sonoma State University.

  His found-object wood sculpture is a very spontaneous art form in which he assembles  pieces of wood together with nails, wire and using junk accents for character, humor and design. It opens a channel to new ways of looking and creating.

 Galleries - Studio Gallery -San Francisco, Ca and Hand Goods - Occidental, Ca. Edddy is a featured artist on the Quicksilver Mining Co. online gallery.

A short youtube bio can be found here.

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Link to 2017 article Sonoma County Gazette Snippet by Elaine Holtz


Article Follows:

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Junk Art at its finest I just have to tell everyone about a  “Junk Art Exhibit” my partner Ken and I were invited to. I thought to myself, “Junk Art?” Much to my surprise I discovered this great art exhibit with some of the most unusual art that evoked feelings and immigration that was created out of Junk, by artist 3D-Edddy (yes, 3 d’s) who is known throughout the country for his Outdoor Junk Art Gallery, right here in Santa Road on Ludwig Road. What I saw displayed was a variety of unusual yet creative, beautiful, and spiritual and mystical pieces created from the variety of pieces that he brought together out of the junk that was also on display. We enjoyed the wishing well with a figurine of Aladdin and his magic lamp and we both made a wish, it was so magical.   

The good news is we found out that 3D Edddy and his wife Nassu, who provides great tours and history of the pieces, have decided to share his junk art with the public and are having weekly tours on Sunday from 11-4 and the public is welcome. The gallery is open every Sunday from 11-4; it’s free and located at 1054 Ludwig in Santa Rosa. We think we have to travel far to be inspired when often times it is right around the corner waiting for you.


Women's Spaces by Elaine Holts

in first 10 minutes of Announcements on the radio show Women’s Spaces, Elaine talks about visiting 3D Edddy’s Studio.  There is an art piece of his when you scroll down the webpage.


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